Infinite Legion

The Shift, Part 1

"So many gnomes..."


?? – human female sorcerer, wild soul – Christine
Fiona Boulderholder – rock gnome female sorcerer, wild soul – Amanda

Cain – human male fighter, champion – Jordan
?? – rock gnome female druid, Circle of the Moon – Kurt
Hollow – dark elf female sorcerer wild soul – Ali
?? – rock gnome male barbarian/wizard – Shayne
Dimbleton – rock gnome male barbarian, Totem – Greg
Jon – human male ?
– Jon
? – ? male cleric, Nature – Aaron


Each player individually encountered a death scenario where time froze an instant before the fatal moment and a mysterious being in full plate offered them a way out. The armored figure took them to a demi-plane called The Shift which exists between the borders of the major planes.  The Shift is an unnatural place which should have collapsed on itself long ago, rectified by the natural order of the universe, but the Infinite Legion proactively launches missions into various planes to eliminate anomalies and thereby bring the cosmic balance closer to center.



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